We track new crypto projects from the moment they launch and eliminate the ones that are pump and dump scams. The remaining few projects are evaluated, ranked and presented to our users.
We can develop and type of automation for your business or private needs. Automation saves time and eliminates human error. Tell us what you want to automate and we will help you achieve it.
We develop custom Binance trading bots based entirely on your specification. Tell us exactly what you want the trading bot to do, and we will program and deploy a bot that will do just that.
Note: Under development. Expected Q1 2023. Use Machine Learning and AI to determine which alts are overperforming Bitcoin. Open auto orders with a high probability of reaching target prices.
Development Process

Our development steps

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Some ideas we think of on our own. Others we hear from smart people.

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We take the time to research the ideas and test our hypotheses.

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If the research went well, we divide tasks and start coding.

Earliest Investing Without Pump 'n' Dump

Discover the coins that endure

Our Premium Products

Coin Counsel


  • For Early-Stage Crypto Investing
  • Data Science for Crypto Investing
  • Elimination of Pump and Dump Coins
  • Coins are Filtered, Evaluated, and Ranked
  • Minimalistic Interface
  • Free Support
  • Cancel Any Time

Custom Trading Bots


  • Custom Trading Bot Development
  • Set Your Strategy
  • Advanced Support
  • Automatic Management of Trade Orders
  • Deployed on our Servers
  • Automated Reporting
  • Trades on Binance
  • Five Revisions

Custom Automation


  • Custom Automation Development
  • Set Your Automation Goals
  • Advanced Technical Support
  • Deployed Where You Want It
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Eliminates Human Error
  • Five Revisions