Get early crypto investing down to (data) science.

Coin counsel is the cryptocurrency market research tool that helps you invest early, wisely, and confidently.

Combining state-of-the-art machine learning, AI, and a full-stack of integrated data science tools, Coin Counsel discovers, tracks, analyzes and ranks the latest cryptocurrency projects so you can make the most informed crypto investment decisions possible. We use advanced data science algorithms to eliminate the pump-and-dump projects from our dashboard — and display only the coins worth risking for.

Dashboard features:

  • Be the first to know about coins with the highest risk:reward ratio 
  • Easily track the best, newest coins to invest in 
  • Eliminates the pump-and-dumps 
  • Helps you diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio
  • User-friendly dashboard 
  • 24/7 user support
  • Cancel any time


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1 review for Coin Counsel

  1. jimmy.eth

    Brilliant product! I was always interested in early-stage crypto investing because I think that getting in early is the way to take a lot more profit when the coins get more exposure later on. With this product, I finally see all the new coins in one place and the fact that algorithms check them for me makes investing so much easier. Thank you Endurio!

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