De-risking early cryptocurrency investing

Endurio de-risks early cryptocurrency investing by providing you with real-time data on emerging coins that endure the earliest days of trading. No pump-and-dumps. No schemes. 

Endurio is a crypto intelligence startup headquartered in Zagreb, Croatia. We’re a team of data scientists, engineers, and python developers who started investing in crypto in the early days — back in 2014. We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in the crypto game. And in the past few years, the ugly has taken over. 

Today, crypto is facing a serious problem: an influx of scam coins that exist solely to pump-and-dump on launch day, and an influx of investors that don’t know how to avoid them— and get burned as a result. 

With HODL at heart and data science in mind, we built a crypto market research tool that filters out the bad players and makes it possible to invest in the best coins early.

Join us 

Endurio employs 20+ crypto veterans skilled in Python and its data science stack (NumPy, Pandas, matplotlib, scikit-learn, etc.). 

We’re a young company and we’re growing fast. If you’re looking for your next challenge, check out available jobs on our careers page.


Data science-backed early crypto analysis

We collect data on emerging crypto projects from the second they launch. Our bots track coin activity 24/7, running analyses on technical indicators, trade patterns, market activity, and much more. We then run algorithms on the collected data to eliminate the pump-and-dump coins and identify the viable ones. Then we evaluate, score, and rank the viable coins so our users can make the most informed crypto investment decisions possible.


Data Collection

We collect crypto data.


Data Evaluation

We evaluate and rank early crypto projects.


Data Cleaning

Our data is error-free.


Happy Customers

The end result is presented to our customers.

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